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The Business option

Subscribe to Edu-Smart today for a mere R250 per month and you will have access to life changing programs, ... that's a saving of up to 70% on your monthly download.

You are not “selling” anything. You are encouraging people to become a subscriber to one of the world's newest and most unique private and exclusive society.

* Nothing to Sell.     * Enjoy Big discounts.     * No stock to worry about.
* No Paperwork.    * No Boring Meetings to attend.

You will learn the true insider secrets to become happier than ever before, and experience the highest level of emotional well being as well as dynamic physical health and wealth.

Ask Yourself...What Would Enhance Your Life?

  • Would you like to work from home?
  • Do you feel as though your job inhibits you?
  • Have your hours been reduced or have you been laid off completely?
  • Do you need an additional source of income?
  • Are you stuck at work when your children need you?
  • Do your bills exceed your monthly income?
  • Are you tired of believing that luxury homes, luxury cars and travel are just for other people?

Well, individuals from all walks of life are realizing that InterLearn offers a great range of products, along with a rewarding Business Opportunity which allows you...

  • the opportunity to be in business for yourself but never by yourself
  • the potential to finally earn what you’re worth
  • the flexibility to work when you want
  • the freedom of time to enjoy life
  • the possibility to help others along the way.

You can start today, ... and immediately begin changing your life!

InterLearn offers a proven vehicle for success.

You can earn a genuine income if you take advantage of a business opportunity that can last a lifetime, while at the same time take advantage of personal development for yourself and your family. Many families worldwide are discovering the joys of running their own home based business and seeing that they too can reach their true potential.

Your Timing is Perfect!

The major areas of concern among today’s consumers are that of personal and financial well being.
The InterLearn Programs and Business Opportunity are poised to meet the growing numbers of individuals who are searching for new ways to improve themselves and their budgetary needs.

Not only that, but you will be joining the most unique, private and extremely exclusive society designed to help you create wealth, and teach you the secrets to have, be or do anything and everything you ever desired.

Over the past 6 years,

Users of the Mind Functionality™ and Life Sync™ products have experienced amazing results from renewed energy to new levels of physical and financial fitness by using these specialized programs. You too can develop a more holistic lifestyle and at the same time help and encourage other people to achieve the same. There are many people who desire a way to look and feel better and get much more out of the their lives.

InterLearn's Compensation plan  is Unique, Simple, and Powerful.

The goal in developing our plan was to assist people in every aspects of their lives, whilst compensating those who actively participate with financial wealth. NO OTHER company compares!

If you have goals and dreams, subscription through Edu-Tek or Edu-Smart into InterLearn can help you make those dreams become a reality. While there are no guarantees that you will make money, (we need to say this as a disclaimer because without action nothing happens), it is also true that when you act on the opportunity there is no ceiling on the success you can achieve. In addition, InterLearn has created the most unique innovative income generating opportunity of all time. What you are exposed to has never been done before. It is a revolutionary breakthrough to making money and creating wealth. It is Ground-breaking! It is virtually the creation of a brand new industry, and YOU have the opportunity to get involved, its your choice.

Referral Marketing is a business you joined to make money in, right?
Well InterLearn  is "The Opportunity for Total Wealth"
Whatever you want to do with your life, InterLearn can help get you there!

You can start today, ... and immediately begin changing your life!


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