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Mind Functionality™ and LifeSync™ the way of the Future!

The Self Improvement Programs Technology known as Mind Functionality™ and the Binaural Beat Frequencies Technology known as LifeSync™ are both advanced technology, which allow you to reach states of being that directly nurture your sense of self, your creativity, and the dynamic expression of your power.

When using the Mind Functionality™ and LifeSync™ programs below, it is recommended that you use headphones to fully experience your chosen program. The Mind Functionality™ programs should be listened to at least once a day for a 30 day period and the LifeSync™ as indicated below, in order to become proficient in ‘Selective Thinking,’ thereby allowing you to gain significant benefit. This enables you to bring about the desired outcome and take control of your life, enacting and reinforcing your desired change on a permanent level.

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InterLearn aims to achieve within the individual.

  •  Progress that is based on self realization and the application of simple  processors and life skills
  •  Learning needs that are accommodated through advanced strategies within  the different programs
  •  Each individual is provided adequate time and voice guided assistance through the programs to realise their potential
  •  An approach that uses a hard copy manual which focuses on the strengths and competencies as well as problem solving
  •  Integration and results across all fields
  •  The preparation of individuals for further learning and employment
  •  The promotion of the holistic development of self
  •  Effective organization and management of activities along with responsibility
  •  The ability to collect, organise and evaluate information
  •  The ability to reflect on and explore a variety of concepts to become more effectively
  •   Self confidence and esteem

Benefits covered within the different programs

  •  Simple yet effective computer literacy
  •  Listening skills and the application of various concepts
  •  Note taking with mental imaging
  •  Reading, critical analysis, creative and problem solving skills
  •  Development of intellectual capacity on a widespread basis
  •  Concentration and memory access skills
  •  Organization, goal setting skills
  •  Strategic approaches to business or studies
  •  Appreciation of one's own natural abilities and the development thereof

The InterLearn programs produce skills

  •  they combine, refine, transfer or generalize existing skills
  •  Involves reactivating skills that might have been acquired previously
  •  Offers concepts appropriate to interests, strengths, prior knowledge and achievements
  •  Accommodates individuals' strengths and learning styles at different stages
  •  Builds the process of application for lifelong success
  •  Helps individuals achieve and maintain personal wellness
  •  Helps individuals take responsibility in their lives
  •  Individuals demonstrate self knowledge and the ability to make informed decisions within their lives



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